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Ramboll Fonden Donation

It is our pleasure to inform you that Ramboll Fonden (Ramboll’s charitable organization) has decided to support our Water Project to the tune of 330,000 Danish Krones. That is a little over $50,000 US dollars! Many thanks to Ramboll for the very generous support, without which we could not supply the community of Las Majadas with clean drinking water. With this support, we plan to complete the Pump, Electricity, and Chlorination portion of our Water Project.

Progress on Water Supply Implementation

The Las Majadas Water Supply Project is in the implementation phase. We are currently working on three separate facets to move the project forward. Conduction Lines, Distribution Lines, and Pump, Electrical, and Chlorination System

Conduction Line is currently in Phase 1, where CAD drawings are being revised and valve locations are chosen.

Distribution lines have been modeled in EPA net and have received feedback and will be revised per feedback received.

Draft of distribution system model

Pump, Electrical, and Chlorination System is currently being designed and purchased.

EWB and Wolff’s Trivia Event Raises $700

On Sunday, May 19th, thirteen teams turned out to play 90’s themed trivia at Wolff’s Biergarten in effort to raise funds for a water storage and distribution project in Las Majadas, Guatemala. The event was won on the final question by team ‘Out of Sync’. The winner took home a Bad Axe Throwing Package, while the second place team ‘Team Bill Miller’ won tickets to a Syracuse Mets game and some merchandise. Best dressed took home a booze basket.

We appreciate everyone coming out to help raise money for our cause. Thank you all so much!

Elle and company and her booze basket.