Water Supply

Engineers Without Borders – Syracuse Professional Chapter has been working for the community of Las Majadas, in Guatemala.

Las Majadas is a growing rural community located 8 miles south of the city of Quetzaltenango in the volcanic Santa Maria Valley. In 2017, EWB Syracuse met with community leaders who identified problems which included a lack of reliable source of drinking water, poor road conditions, and an insufficient supply of medicine. The community stated the most important issue is the lack of reliable drinking water. The community currently gets their water from a municipal well two miles away in Chuicavioc, which is shared with several communities.

Our goal is to work for the community to build the infrastructure necessary to bring water to serve 500 families currently living there and also serve the future families in the growing region.

Our latest design involves two 20,000 gallon water storage tanks, several miles of distribution lines, pump station, and electricity delivery to maintain the system.

Water Supply Layout Overview

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